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Avalon Surveys is a licensed surveying and engineering firm with roots in the Mandurah, Peel and lesser extent, Perth metropolitan regions.  More recently we desire extending our reach to the Geographe Region. We commenced trading during 2011.

Our distinctive competency is the performance and management of all aspects of land subdivision, be it green title (freehold), Crown or strata schemes.  We perform feature and digital elevation model surveys, civil, hydraulic and building setout and as-constructed surveys.

Following early years of growth, our strategy has been redirected to specialise in providing excellent unparalleled  service in subdivision and vertically associated projects for our Clients.  This strategy has an excellent fit with the experience and preferences of our key personnel.

Avalon Surveys is in the business of measurement, processing, value-adding, and delivery.

Land Subdivision Services (Principal Focus)

Avalon Surveys specialise in the management of all aspects of green title subdivisions.  We do not limit our scope to only the practical surveying activities of field work and plan creation.  We deliver all types of freehold subdivision services, be it Crown land amalgamation, easement and other spatial interests, small battleaxe, or subdivsions integrated with the built form.

Our approach to scoping and quoting requires we meet once we have had an opportunity to undertake preliminary investigation.  In less complex circumstances we will deliver our scope and quotation during this meeting.  We consider it most important to clearly define responsibilities, fees, statutory and development costs (even if estimated) and milestone timing prior to our joint commitment.

The law surrounding the creation and amendment of both built and survey-strata schemes is in the process of review by the State government of Western Australia. When you engage our services for any facet of this form of subdivision you can be sure to have access to the breadth of our vast experience. After all, our principal licensed surveyor (Brad Reed) is a licensed valuer, licensed surveyor, and licensed real estate agent, having owned both valuation and real estate agencies in the past.

You may require consultancy for a road closure, road widening, amalgamation of pedestrian access-ways or a portion of a road into your land. We are competent in managing the investigation, application, and survey processes on your behalf.

Then under ‘Associated Land and Engineering Surveying Services’:

Associated Land & Engineering Surveying Services

Feature and digital elevation model surveys are a necessary competency of all land survey businesses.  The question we ask is ‘how do we ensure the site is measured and the deliverables prepared to exactly meet our Client need.’  We always try to go that one step further to attempt to exceed our perceived expectation.

When undertaking a boundary re-establishment survey there is more to consider than just placing pegs. We require a brief of your requirement for the survey. In this way we may augment the field work and drawings to ensure we provide additional marks, and observations. There is no point in marking for a retaining wall, if the boundary marks are removed in the process. We will provide additional offset marking in order for the boundary lines to be identified after a wall has been erected, or fence installed.

Engaging a licensed surveyor to set your building out, particularly when many new building are designed with a small offset to boundary is an imperative. By engaging a licensed surveyor to set your building out you pass the risk of a boundary encroachment onto the surveyor, can be assured of the setout being consistent with working plans, and possible save other costs associated with pre concrete lay formwork. There is no better insurance than to employ a licensed surveyor, at least for the initial setout.

Forming part of our core competency in all types of subdivision and registration of interests in land, we undertake setout and as constructed surveys for civil, hydraulic and building land development activities.

About Brad Reed

Brad has three main land development, land management and land administration competencies, these being:

  • Geometric Sciences: Licenced surveyor (Western Australia). Experienced cadastral, engineering and hydrographic surveyor (B.Sc degree);
  • Real Estate Valuation: Experience has included ownership of a valuation business. Bachelor’s degree in valuation. Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (MRICS). Extensive valuation experience including compensation valuations, inglobo land valuation and the valuation of complex interests in land; and
  • Real Estate Sales, Leasing & Management: Licensed real estate agent. Negotiation skills. Sales process and land administration experience. Property management experience (commercial, industrial and residential).

Brad has enjoyed a diverse life with experience in a range of land related vocations, business ownership, employment, and social and cultural engagement enhanced while employed in south-east Asia and the United Kingdom.

Brad Reed
Brad Reed
Lic. Surveyor, Lic. Valuer, MSSSI, MRICS, MBA, Private Pilot

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