Licensed Land Surveying throughout the Peel and South West Regions of Western Australia


Brad Reed, the principal of Avalon Surveys is a Licensed Surveyor, Valuer and Real Estate Agent.  Through acquired knowledge over many years of practice in the private and public sectors, he now specialises in land development, subdivision, and survey consulting. 

Our distinctive competency is the performance and management of all aspects of land subdivision, be it green title (freehold), Crown or strata schemes. We perform boundary re-establishment, feature and digital elevation model surveys, and building setout surveys.


Avalon Surveys commenced 2011 in Mandurah, and three years ago established in the Bunbury / Ferguson Valley locality of Western Australia.  Our main geographic presence is Mandurah and Bunbury, though we service locations throughout the Peel, South West and Great Southern regions of Western Australia.

Despite a history of project surveying for large business including the Woolworths Group, some of our most satisfying work is to provide advice and service to small developers.

Licensed Land Surveying, Subdivisions and Consultancy

Boundary re-establishment

Only a licensed surveyor may define or re-establish boundaries of land.

It is important we know why you require a re-establishment and identification survey. This will assist us tailor our service to meet your needs. For example, there is little use for corner pegs if you propose the construction of a parapet wall half way along a 50 metre long boundary obstructed by trees and over undulating land.

Most builders will request a licensed surveyor set out a new dwelling. This is particularly important when a building is designed close to the boundary, for example a parapet wall to a garage.

Feature and Digital Elevation Modeling

A ‘feature and contour’ survey is a form of topographic survey required to produce a map. The purpose for acquiring the survey is most commonly to precede building design, or form part of an application to subdivide land.

A ‘digital elevation model’ is the representation of all features in a feature survey in a three-dimension coordinate system in a digital format ready for use by an architect or building designer.

The survey will, if within scope include measurements (in three dimension) of all features that influence building and civil design.

Freehold and Crown Subdivision

Freehold subdivision is the most common, and in many respects the preferred process of subdivision if the option is available. This form of land ownership delivers the highest ‘bundle of rights’ to the proprietor.

A major cost implication for the creation of freehold (green title) lots is the requirement for every newly created lot to be directly connected to the sewer main and power off the grid. This is not a requirement if the alternate form of subdivision, being survey-strata is undertaken instead.

Under the Planning & Development Act, a freehold subdivision must be approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC).

We differentiate by providing a whole of process service, from design of smaller subdivisions through to delivery of title for the completed development.

We also Crown subdivisions are those which include land owned and managed by the State of Western Australia.

Strata Subdivision

There are two types of dominant strata subdivision schemes, ‘built strata’ and ‘survey-strata’, though it is also possible to create a ‘leasehold strata scheme’ and ‘community title scheme’ following recent legislation.

A ‘built strata’ scheme must feature at least one building shown on the strata plan. The boundaries of the strata lots, including the height of the lots (stratum), are defined by reference to the building.

A ‘survey-strata’ scheme does not show buildings, even though there may in fact be buildings on the survey-strata lots to be created.

The lots on a survey-strata plan look much the same as lots that are shown on freehold (or green title) deposited plans. The main reason for proposing survey-strata instead of freehold subdivision is for ease (and cost) of servicing and greater design flexibility.

Like freehold subdivision, a survey-strata scheme must be approved by the Western Australian Planning Commission. In most instances, a built strata scheme may be approved by local government, implying generally at less cost and delay.

“We use Avalon Surveys due to their ability to consistently and efficiently deliver high-quality work. The finished products they produce exhibit a strong attention to detail. They are easily accessible and highly responsive which is something we really value. Working with Avalon Surveys allows us to relax knowing each job will be competently completed in a timely manner.”

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Brad enjoys a diverse work life, including experience in a host of land related vocations. He owned and was the key member of Golden Heritage Valuation and Real Estate and LJ Hooker in Kalgoorlie-Boulder. His experience is complemented with separate bachelor degrees in surveying and business (valuation), and a Masters in Business Administration.

He has worked with corporate real estate agency and valuation, in addition to six years with the Valuer Generals Office (now a division of Landgate). Since 2011 Brad has owned and worked with Avalon Licensed and Engineering Surveys in Mandurah. More recently following a ‘tree change’ he continues practice in a smaller scale from Ferguson Valley near Bunbury.

  • Licenced surveyor & valuer
  • Bachelor’s degree in Science (Surveying) and Business (Valuation)
  • Member of the Western Australian Institute of Surveyors
  • Licensed real estate agent
  • Master of Business Administration



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